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Mary Elaine

Boost employee relationships and engagement, all while at work!

Yoga is a lifestyle known to discover oneself and has the power to detox stress out of our system. It is a practice that is already time-tested that cultivates boundless physical fitness and energy levels. Many scientific studies already testified that Yoga is extremely helpful, particularly in the form of Physiotherapy for curing illnesses like asthma, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and heart disease.

So, it is no surprise that a lot of businesses and companies would want to adopt a structured wellness solution to manage stress at work and of course, to build a strong relationship with each other. The changes…

From the point of view of a content moderation employee.

Social media platforms
Social media platforms
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Perhaps, you are wondering what it’s like behind curtains for every post, every tweet, and every story we publish and see on our social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms available out there on the internet. How does your one post stay on the platform but some posts or content disappear after minutes or hours within posting with no definite reason?

This is to relay to you the untold story of what we call, “Content Moderators” behind every social media platform on the internet we use and what exactly they do. …

Study shows managers and supervisors who feel appreciated at work have a better outlook and production performance.

A supervisor in a workplace.
A supervisor in a workplace.
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This is the season to be thankful, not just to your loved ones and colleagues, but also to your bosses, as indicated by recent research by the University of Central Florida that recommends when supervisors feel appreciated and valued, it gives them inspiration and an increase in energy and good faith. Eventually, that’s good for workers and the organization’s bottom line.

“Based on the theory, we knew feeling appreciated by another person sends a strong signal that you are positively regarded, and feelings of positive regard evoke a sense of vigor — or high energy,”

said Maureen Ambrose, the Gordon…

Past atmospheric carbon dioxide changes by the ocean come into view.

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The last years of Earth’s set of histories have been described by frequent “glacial-interglacial cycles,” enormous swings in a climate that are connected to the developing and contracting of shrinking, continent-spanning ice sheets. These cycles are set off by subtle oscillations in Earth’s rotation and orbit, yet the orbital oscillations are too subtle to even think about explaining the enormous changes in the climate.

“The cause of the ice ages is one of the great unsolved problems in the geosciences,” said Daniel Sigman, the Dusenbury Professor of Geological and Geophysical Sciences. …

To show us whether robots can influence risk-taking could have ethical, practical, and policy implications, which this study set out to investigate.

Photo by Andy Kelly from Unsplash

Based on new research, it has been indicated that robots can encourage individuals to face greater risks in a simulation of a gambling scenario than they would if there was nothing to impact their behaviors. Increasing our comprehension of whether robots can influence risk-taking could have clear moral, practical, and strategized suggestions, which this study set out to investigate and explore more.

Dr. Yaniv Hanoch, Associate Professor in Risk Management at the University of Southampton who led the study briefly explained,

“We know that peer pressure can lead to higher risk-taking behavior. With the ever-increasing scale of interaction between humans…

Google Digital Garage offers this course with a free certificate, you certainly don’t want to miss this!

Digital marketing, Google Digital Garage’s Digital Marketing Course illustration.
Digital marketing, Google Digital Garage’s Digital Marketing Course illustration.
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Did you know that Google is offering a free Digital Marketing Course and is one of the best courses they offer? This is an excellent opportunity if you want to learn more about this course from Google and get certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, whether you are just starting out a career or business, or you just want to brush up your skills with it.

Digital Marketing can be defined as, “An advertising through a digital channel. Digital channels such as web applications, mobile applications, search engines, social media, email websites, or any new digital channel.” With today’s…

Along with several factors, including early periods, use of combined contraceptives, and early menopausal transition

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

Pregnancy intricacies, for example, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes), and pre-term birth are connected to an elevated risk of coronary heart diseases in later life, recommends a general (umbrella) analysis of information published by The BMJ today.

Factors related identified with fertility and pregnancy likewise appear to be related with subsequent cardiovascular disease, researchers stated, including beginning periods early, use of combined oral contraceptives, polycystic ovary condition, and early menopause.

In any case, a more extended length of breastfeeding was related to a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers that were conducted previously proposed that risk factors specific…

On just watching clips, my goodness!

Photo from chendongshan in Getty Images Pro Canva

If one of your hobbies includes binge-watching cute animal videos on Youtube or on Instagram’s IGTV, you may want to splurge on longer to quench your daily dose of laughter and smiles because the good news is that a bunch of researchers has found out that watching animal videos reduces stress and anxiety, making it the health approved hobby!

Based on a study that is conducted by the University of Leeds in England, it was a surprise they’ve found how powerful the health benefits by just watching and immersing yourselves with loads of videos of cute animals on the net…

Because it’s imperative to rest and remain healthy throughout your career.

An overworked employee sitting on a table with a laptop.
An overworked employee sitting on a table with a laptop.
Photo: Tim Gouw/Unsplash

It’s an advantage to have the option to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that is unquestionably something to be appreciative of. For the individuals who have just figured out how to move to this new routine, however, working from home has saved many grinding for 12 and even 14 hours per day — something that, on a customary workday when you’re genuinely in the workplace, you wouldn’t do.

“Overwork occurs when longer hours per day, week, or year begin to have deleterious effects on the individual, family, community, and economy. The line between work and overwork is…

Recent studies found connections to language areas of the brain.

Photo from Lina Kivaka on Pexels

Humans are brought into the world with a brain that is prewired to be open to seeing words and letters, setting the stage upon birth for individuals to figure out how to read, a recent study suggests.

With newborn’s analyzed brain scans, researchers found that this section of the brain — called the “visual word form area” (VWFA) — is associated with the language network of our brain.

“That makes it fertile ground to develop a sensitivity to visual words — even before any exposure to language,” Zeynep Saygin, senior author of the study and assistant professor of psychology at…

Mary Elaine

Ambivert by nature. A great lover of books and animals, especially dogs. Loves to write anything under the sun and into her heart’s content.

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